What is fumigation and how is it done?

Fumigation is a Pesticide Process with Proven Success Fumigation refers to a concept related to pesticide treatments performed at homes.

Fumigation is the process of eliminating all harmful factors (such as insects, nematodes, fungi, bacteria) in an environment by using a certain temperature and amount of gaseous chemicals. We told you what you need to know about the materials you have and the fumigation system made to protect your health.

What Is Used In The Fumigation Process?
During the fumigation process, gaseous substances called fumigants are used. Fumigants consist of chemicals in solid, liquid and gas forms. The application of fumigants, which are shipped to a closed environment whose temperature and humidity are determined and kept in the environment for a certain period of time, is gas.

Properties of Fumigants

The fumigants applied in the fumigation process have certain features that must be possessed in terms of both health and safety. Fumigants that violate these properties should never be used during the process.

  • They should go into easy gas state.
  • They must have high penetration ability.
  • They should not harm foodstuffs.
  • They should not affect the seeds or impair their germination power.
  • After airing the environment, they should not have any residues.
  • They should not catch fire or explode easily.

Things You Should Be Considered During Fumigation
The substances used in the fumigation process have deadly dangers. Therefore, you should definitely do this with a professional team. It should be ensured that the place where the process will be applied is absolutely airless. Fumigation process should be applied by at least two experts with operator certificate. Fumigation operators must be found again in order to end the process.

Fumigation Types

  • Fumigation under tent Container fumigation
  • Ship warehouse fumigation
  • Silo fumigation
  • Mill fumigation
  • Building fumigation
  • Wooden pallet and box fumigation
  • Historical artifact and museum fumigation

Why Do You Need Fumigation?
Fumigation is one of the most important processes to ensure hygiene. Thanks to the positive effects of fumigation, which is especially necessary in trade, it becomes a process you need. Insect, germ, virus etc. The factors directly penetrate the captured products and have the ability to distribute homogeneously. Fumigation can be applied to a large area or a large number of products in a short time. In addition, the labor requirement is low. It is sufficient for two experts to perform the fumigation process and the cost will be less. It does not matter in what biological period the creature you fight against; It affects all biological periods.

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