What are the natural ways to remove lice?

Lice are directly one of the worst things that happen to us, both figuratively and literally. These lice, which can be transmitted very easily, adversely affect human health. If you are looking for natural ways to get rid of lice, you can apply the methods written in this article.

Lice Are A Total Trouble! Lice, which pass freely from person to person and start a new life, cause a crazy itch. They usually live in human hair and reproduce by laying their eggs on the hair. Lice, which are included in the gray parasite species, cause itching and discomfort as they feed by sucking blood.

How to Remove Head Lice?

There are many different ways to get rid of lice on your hair that cause severe itching. We have explained these methods that you can try and apply at home. Here’s what you need to do to get rid of lice from your hair:

Lice Shampoos
Lice shampoos containing toxic ingredients for lice have long been the most popular way to get rid of lice. You should apply the shampoo to your hair like any other shampoo, but after applying the shampoo to your hair, you have to wait a few minutes instead of rinsing it off immediately. Thus, the poison in the shampoo acts on lice and kills large amounts of lice. But you need to know that you cannot get exact results with shampoos. If lice have laid their eggs in your hair, unfortunately there is nothing that shampoos can do about it.

Getting Your Haircut
The easiest way to get rid of lice, which are the real troubles in your head, is to have your hair cut either completely or to be number 1. Lice need 1 inch of hair to survive. If you do not get the necessary shortness when you have your hair cut, lice continue to be a trouble for you.

Hair Dryer / Curling Iron / Straightener
You can kill some lice with the help of such devices, but it is not an effective method as they capture more than half of your scalp and these devices cannot reach everywhere.

Mayonnaise causes the nuisance lice to suffocate. There are some medications that can do this, but your doctor will give you the most suitable medicine for your skin. That’s why we are only talking about natural methods. There is a possibility that mayonnaise treatment will not be 100% successful. Lice can survive after your smothering effort. But if you prefer not to scrape your hair, you have to sit with mayonnaise on your head for a few hours. Because the most effective method after haircut is to apply mayonnaise on your head, wrap it with a stretch and wait.

House Cleaning in Lice Attack

If you want to get rid of lice on your scalp forever, you need to consider some solutions for your home as well as your hair. Here are some suggestions for cleaning your home after lice attacks:
Beds: Sheets, blankets, pillowcases should be thrown into the dryer at high temperature for 30-40 minutes.
Sofa & Armchairs: Vacuum with a vacuum cleaner and cover with a blanket or cover for 2-3 days.
Floors & Carpets: Get help from the vacuum cleaner again and lift from the floor for 2-3.
Hair Accessories: Can wash with bleach; You can keep it in the freezer for 4 hours or wait 2-3 days without touching it.
Clothes: Leave the clothes you wear after the lice infestation in a high-temperature dryer for 30-40 minutes.
Car seats: vacuum and check. Toys: Keep in plastic bags for 2-3 days.

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