Interesting insect species living in the world

The Most Dangerous Ants

Lead Ant
The gunshot sensation that gives him his name, the moment he bites. One of the most terrifying information of the ecosystem is that an ant creates a bullet effect, causes painful and long-lasting damage, and leaves a rash and scar on your skin. In addition, this pain can last for two days. Insect scientist Dr. Justin Schmidt says this pain is like walking on embers with a nail stuck in your heel. This ant lives in South America and reaches up to 2.5 cm in length.
Harvest Ant
Harvest ants, with venom even more deadly than the most dangerous snake in nature, live in erosional cavities in the Americas. The pain of the harvester ant, which can kill a 2-pound mouse in one bite, is quite terrible.
Army Ants
The worst trait of army ants is that they devour anything that comes across. Army ants do not have a sedentary life, displaying the exact equivalent of the saying “unity is strength”. They are constantly shifting.


Tsetse Fly
His name is to someone who surely sleeps a lot “Did the tsetse fly bite you?” You have heard when asked. Because the tsetse fly makes you sleep as if there is no tomorrow. The extent of weakness in your body after biting is not easy and you don’t want to get out of bed for days. However, tsetse flies, which can sometimes carry infectious diseases, are generally seen in the African continent.
Malaria-Carrying Mosquito
Malaria-carrying mosquitoes, especially those living in places such as India and Africa, become female and infect you the moment they bite. Malaria is a disease that starts in the liver and affects the whole body through the blood. But don’t worry because there is a cure, and these mosquitoes are very rare in our country.


Brazilian Cricket
According to many scientists, the Brazilian Cricket is one of the most interesting creatures living in the world. This interesting insect, which seems to come from a truly different world, has some shapeless stakes on its head, and its interestingness doesn’t stop there! These piles also feature strange, mushroom-like balls. The Brazilian Cricket, which is not known exactly what it feeds on, lives among the leaves and plants.
Hercules Beetle
Hercules gets his name not from his size but from his strength. Known as the strongest insect living on earth, the Hercules beetle is known to weigh 800 times more than itself. There are no other animals, not insects, that can do this!
Assassin Insect
The assassin insect, named after its very unusual attack methods, can stab their enemies with the pipe in their mouth. He gives his deadly poison without slowing down. This venom numbs his enemy and turns all his internal organs into liquid. To a delicious liquid!
Flying Scorpion
If you see one of these bugs, the first thing you will do is check if you are in the world. A flying scorpion, butterfly and scorpion mix insect with an interesting sight that makes you think you have been abducted by aliens. You can imagine how dangerous flying scorpions, also called Mecoptera, are. It is both poisonous, scorpion and flying.

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