How to spray for scorpions in the house?

Scorpions living at home can be poisonous depending on their species. In this case, it is very important for human health and life. If you see scorpions at home, be sure to contact a spraying company.

A month ago I moved into a new detached house. Should I spray the centipedes and scorpions around? Say what?

Compared to millipedes, scorpions create great fear reflexes in people’s psychology, especially considering their poisonousness and the possibility of stinging people. But first we need to realize that these arthropods are “useful” predators that eat many other insect species. Even under conditions where they do not threaten us and our family at all, killing these animals just so that there are no scorpions or millipedes around is not quite right and can even be harmful. When you eliminate predators, their prey can invade our living areas more easily. In addition, when spraying, it is necessary not to harm harmless and even useful creatures other than harmful insects, and to put into practice ways of keeping them away from home rather than killing them in the worst case. This is how I view IPM (Integrated Pest Management) and ecological spraying. Rather than using pesticides as if they were the only option altogether, our goal should be to identify the sources that support the existence of these animals. If there are many insects around that these predators can feed on, they will be constantly attracted here for the food available. If there are piles of rubble, piles of stones, areas where unused items are placed, stone walls and the joints of these walls, this means that we create very suitable places for these animals to hide during the day. And if our house has branches of trees touching the exterior walls or the roof, or if there are gaps under exterior doors and on the edges of windows, then you can be sure that these pests will find a very easy way to get in. Right here, it is very important for a professional spraying company to specify all these contributing conditions to the customer and have them repaired, and even to share their responsibility in the work done. Thus, by eliminating the resources that make up the nesting of scorpions and millipedes, you automatically cause the population of scorpions and millipedes to decline. In other words, there are not enough resources to feed them in the same number and factors that will cause them to enter and nest in your home.

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