How Scabies Is Transmitted. What are the ways to fight with scabies?

The general color of the scabies in the body structure is yellow. Its legs are very short, and the outside of its legs has a hairy shape.

The length of the scabies is 0.4 mm in general. Since the scabies are very tiny and small, they can only be seen with a microscope. The general color of the scabies in the body structure is yellow. Its legs are very short, and the outside of its legs has a hairy shape. This type of scabies has 8 legs. After the scabies settle under the skin, they lay their eggs and their numbers multiply there. The males of these insects are larger and bigger than their females.

About infection of the Scabies

How can it be understood that the scabies infect a human? After the scabies settle on the body, the skin begins to form water bubbles in the areas where it travels in gold. Skin rashes, itching and swelling are the most important symptoms while scabies are settling in the body. Extreme itching in the body can indicates that scabies may have entered under the skin. The scabies are mostly located, between the fingers, the inner part of the elbows and the armpits. Therefore, it creates itching in those areas. Scabies itchiness is mostly experienced at night.

About Scabies Disease

Scabies is a contagious skin disease which can be seen in humans and caused by scabies beetle. Although this disease is not mostly threatening health, it is depressing and very unpleasant. The disease is caused by very small scabies, which cannot be seen with the naked eye at a diameter of 0.4 to 0.6 mm and are buried in the upper skin of the human. They live between about three and eight weeks, and during this time they leave eggs and feces on the skin every day. This causes infection in the skin after a while. Scabies continue to live in clothes for one to two days outside of the human body. Scabies can spread in places where people spend time together in tight spaces. For this reason, the disease is sometimes more common in communities and nursing homes.

Information about the Norwegian Scabies

Scabies are transmitted from person to person. In common games, while doing body care also they pass through the same bed or sexual intercourse. Short-term hugging generally does not cause disease. Scabies is manifested by strong crusting. Even if the scabies that house animals catch are passed on to humans, they die quickly. Skin irritations usually go away on their own after a short time. Infection through bedding, quilts and clothing or pillows items is rare. This condition is called Norwegian scabies due to the numerical multiplicity of the scabies.

About the Seasons of the Scabies

The scab beetle has wings on its body and its wings are cottony structure. Scabies, which is becoming active in hot weather, invade areas where humans and animals live. They act very, very quickly, as the scabies have 8 foot in total on their lower part. The scabies do not suck blood from the animal and human. In this regard, it does not bite and insert animals and people. Scabies damage household items. They gnaw all kinds of products consisting of leather, wool, hair, silk, fur and similar clothing and materials. In other words, they gnaw all the items made of animal products, they eat some products as well as they eat other animal nutrients.

Spraying the Scabies beetle

Elimination of the scabies is not possible except for spraying. The only option you will do is to apply professionally to the spraying teams. An improper use of the drug may cause bad results and problems because the drug contains very strong chemicals. Your home should be isolated from the air by professional spraying team. After, your home should be cleaned with the liquid scabies drug beautifully. You cannot completely clean the skin beetle that has spread to the most remote corners. Thyme weed is disliked by the scabies and skin beetle. You can grow this plant, that is, thyme, in your home. The insect doesn’t just enter the houses, it can sometimes attack the libraries. In such cases, dried plants, especially thyme, should be placed between the books.

About Natural spraying

With a natural remedy prepared with cedar oil, you can keep away scabies from home. For this, you should dilute cedar oil with water and spray it on cracks in your home. This oil has a very pleasant smell. Insects do not like the smell of the cedar oil. People keep chests made of cedar wood in their homes, because the smell of this plant will keep insects away. Thanks to your regular application, you can now get rid of the scabies from your home. Lavender oil is an herbal product that these insect species do not like. If you regularly use the natural air freshener prepared from this lavender oil, you will keep these animals away.

Where Does Scabies beetle Live?

The skin beetle, which is the same relative, can be found in places where textile workshops can be located, and they can survive. There is a very, very high probability that there can be in shops, businesses, factories, textile workshops, leather shops, rug factories and houses. Clothes produced or found in such places are fed by clothing, from there, the scabies that infect humans also live in these areas to survive. The most effective and definitive solution to removed or destroy skin insects from products, places, people and animals is to spray.

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