Latin Name Diplopoda class.

The appearance of millipedes
centipede length which are widespread in Turkey brown type about 1 to 2.5 cm – varies between 4 cm and is segmented structure to have two pairs of legs in each section.

Its Behavior, Nutrition and Nature
Millipedes generally live outdoors and in humid environments. They live around houses in flower beds or in gardens.

People find millipedes under mulches, piles of dead leaves, or mown grass. Millipedes also live under kennels and warehouse porches. For millipedes, environments where the soil remains moist creates a suitable habitat. They feed on dead leaves and decaying wood chips they find.

Millipedes usually migrate in the autumn. They leave their normal habitats.

Millipedes appear to migrate when their habitats are flooded as a result of heavy rainfall, although scientists think they are perhaps preparing for winter. During these migrations, millipedes mostly enter homes.

When they come to a house, millipedes gather on a porch or patio. They climb the foundation of the house and find an entrance to themselves. They enter through basement doors and windows, underfloor vents and garage doors. Most residents find millipedes in their basements. They are hidden under furniture or boxes used for storage. Because basements are dark and quiet places, they can be places where millipedes are very active.

Underfloor spaces are the most suitable living spaces for millipedes. Often under houses there are items stored in boxes and timber on the floor. Millipedes feed on dead leaves gathered in underfloor cavities, or on wet and decaying wood particles found there.

Millipedes enter residential areas of homes, often in large numbers, as they move. Millipedes can crawl into homes where there are no door and window seals, under doors. Sometimes they enter homes through garages or crawling through the ground.

Generally, most species reach sexual maturity in the second year after the eggs are laid in the soil, and then live for years.

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